CyberArk Introduces Secrets Hub for AWS Secrets Manager

22 Jul 2022

CyberArk Introduces Secrets Hub for AWS Secrets Manager

CyberArk, a leader in identity, authentication, and data protection solutions, announced the release of the CyberArk Secrets Hub. The new service provides a secure way to manage AWS credentials in an enterprise setting.

What is CyberArk Secrets Hub?

CyberArk Secrets Hub is a management console that helps you manage your security and compliance platforms.

It allows you to view real-time logs, audit results and alerts on suspicious activity. The console can use to import reports from third-party tools like Splunk or LogRhythm.

The CyberArk Secrets Hub dashboard provides a single pane of glass for managing all your security solutions, whether they are on-premises or cloud-based. The CyberArk Secrets Hub is design to protect sensitive AWS access keys from exposure through unauthorize access or disclosure by authorize users.

This new tool will give businesses greater control over their security risks. It helps them optimize their IT infrastructure. Secrets Hub for AWS Secrets Manager provides secure storage in the cloud with no additional infrastructure required. It is designed to provide secure access to the data using existing security tools, policies, and processes.

CyberArk Secrets Hub Will Allow Users To:

  • It Lets users access their AWS secrets from a central location.
  • Designed to be easy to use and helps ensure that your secrets are stored securely on the platform.
  • It keeps track of which secrets you have access to and helps you manage them using customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Eliminates the need for manual uploading of credentials or using complex scripting or scripting languages to upload files into various storage systems.
  • AWS tokens for authentication with other AWS services

 In the past, customers had to duplicate their CyberArk secrets in AWS Secrets Manager. The process was time-consuming and error-prone. Now, most CyberArk customers operate in hybrid models and use a unified approach to managing their secrets across environments.

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The Secrets Hub is a new solution that works with the latest AWS Secrets Manager API to help people configure and manage their secrets securely. CyberArk has made it easier for organizations to leverage their existing AWS investments to provide access to its private cloud environment. Hopefully, this article gave you a better idea about the AWS Secrets Manager and CyberArk Secrets Hub.