02 Jun 2022

Step by Step Guide to Learn CyberArk IAM in 2022

What is CyberArk IAM?

CyberArk iAM is a cloud-based solution that provides identity and access management (IAM) capabilities. The solution allows you to control user access to critical systems and data while maintaining compliance with government regulations such as PCI DSS, by recording the activities of users and analyzing them for suspicious behavior.

CyberArk might be the most important skill to learn as a cyber security professional. It’s essential for effectively protecting your company and staying compliant with regulations such as SOX, FISMA, PCI-DSS, and NERC. Yet it is often most of CyberArk certifications are difficult to pass. Learning CyberArk is a long and arduous task that requires both mental discipline and strong memorization. So let’s discuss how you can learn CyberArk IAM step by step.

Step 1: Learn Basics of CyberArk IAM

In order to learn CyberArk IAM, you first need to understand what exactly it is? What are its functions? How does it work? Try to answer all these questions so that you can get a clear idea about what exactly you are going to learn before actually going through with the course itself.

Step 2: Decide Your Learning Requirements

If you want to learn CyberArk IAM, the first thing you need to do is assess your own skills and knowledge. This will help you determine what areas you need to focus on. How fast you can move through the course material.

For example, if you are an administrator who wants to learn how to configure and implement the CyberArk IAM product, then you will need different courses than if you are an auditor who needs to learn how to use the product to perform audits and assessments.

Similarly, if you are an admin who wants to get certified in CyberArk IAM. It is essential that you take the relevant CyberArk certification exam(s) as well.

Step 3: Choose Your Mode, Online vs Offline Course

There are pros and cons to both types of course. The benefits of online CyberArk training are many. It’s accessible, convenient, and affordable. You can learn at your own pace, in your own time, and from any location.

The benefits of offline CyberArk training are better communications and hands-on experience. The biggest downside of offline CyberArk training is cost. It tends to be more expensive per hour than online courses because of travel expenses and other factors involved in conducting courses in person.

Step 4: Take CyberArk Training

Taking Cyberark training is the best way to learn about Identity and Access Management (IAM) in a short period of time. You should choose the training that consists of the right mix of technical and business skills.

The first step in choosing the best CyberArk training is knowing what level of experience you have within your industry. If you have no experience at all and you want to learn about CyberArk IAM, then taking a beginner’s course will probably be enough for you to get up to speed quickly.

 The second step in choosing the best CyberArk training is determining your role within your organization. If you’re an IT manager, you likely have a primary focus on security and compliance. But if you’re an IT professional, you may be more concerned with how the technology works.

Step 5: Practice CyberArk IAM in Your Spare Time.

Learning a new piece of software or skill can be a bit intimidating. It seems like there are so many buttons and options you can’t possibly remember them all. But when you break down the process into smaller steps, it’s easier to learn how to use the tool effectively. Practicing in your spare time will develop a better understanding of the system, and you can use that knowledge in your professional life.


It’s true—CyberArk IAM is a difficult product to learn, but with the right CyberArk Certification, the right combination of guidance, and determination, you can get through the learning process. We have explained a set of steps that can help you start learning CyberArk IAM, and now you can build a great career at CyberArk IAM with fewer doubts!