26 Apr 2022



Looking at a large number of cyber-attacks and compromises across many multi-national corporations, digital security has now become a necessity for all industries globally. It is important to secure corporate data from compromises. Organizations all over the world are deploying various security solutions and applications to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

It is a leading Privileged Access Security tool with abilities to secure an organization’s privileged credentials. This article provides a brief Idea on CyberArk as a security tool, the components, and the functionalities of all those components.

Components of CyberArk:

  1. CyberArk Core Privileged Access Security

  2. CyberArk Digital vault/Enterprise Password Vault:  CyberArk Vault(AKA Digital Vault): It’s a database that is a repository of all the privileged accounts, configurations, session recordings, audit logs, etc.

Advised to be a physical server
Needs to be isolated
Does not have any external software or antivirus
No Network protocols are required other than those necessary for Vault functionality
Only Vault admins should have access and access would be provisioned locally

  • Password Vault Web Access: Web UI to access CyberArk Vault. All the configuration changes, accounts onboarding, safe creation, account deletion, and password retrieval.

  • Central Policy Manager: CyberArk component responsible for managing passwords( rotate, verify, reconcile, etc) and discovering accounts.

  • Privileged Session Manager: Its Component is responsible to provide session Management features. It records, monitors, and isolates the sessions that are initiated using privileged and sensitive credentials onboarded inside CyberArk. It ensures that auditors have the controls and the visibility over the user sessions.

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