26 Apr 2022



SailPoint IIQ is a governance-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) software solution that delivers a unified approach for visibility into “who has access to what” in critical business data. The process of managing thousands of Identities can be automated using SailPoint. It reduces the pricing, efforts, and complications of the user access provisioning process. It is a reliable solution built to deliver operational efficiency, security, and compliance to businesses with multi-faceted IT environments.

SailPoint is an open-source identity governance platform that gives organizations of all sizes the power to create an identity-enabled enterprise by combining data, devices, and applications.

SailPoint has been a market leader for the last few years in the Identity and access management domain. Auditing, Compliance, and security all benefit from effective identity controls. SailPoint IdentityIQ is a cutting-edge identity management system that mitigates the expense and hassle of complying with regulations while still keeping the management process simpler and effective.

 The market for Sailpoint has been growing very rapidly in the last 4 years or so and it is even expected to grow at higher rates in the coming years. Gartner rated Sailpoint as the best IAG tool for 3–4 consecutive years.

SailPoint Identity Governance | Gartner Magic Quadrant for IGA 2017

Why SailPoint is required?

SailPoint helps to resolve the most common Identity management challenges with cloud-based and on-premise solutions designed to provide services such as compliance, password management, analytics, and more.

The program answers the following critical questions:

Who has access to what?

Who should get access to what?

How is the access being used?

The application allows users to manage their digital identities efficiently, confidently, and securely with robust features such as Compliance control, automated provisioning, access control request management, identity governance for files, account management, and role management

What is the salary of a SailPoint IdentityIQ Engineer?

According to the various online job portals, the average salary for SailPoint IdentityIQ varies from INR 10.28Lacs annually for an experienced Engineer to INR 22.7lacs annually for developers.  In addition to lucrative career opportunities, SailPoint IdentityIQ offers the stability of the job. With increasing technological advancement, the demand for both engineers and developers of SailPoint IdentityIQ will see growth in the next few years.

Modules of SailPoint IIQ

IdentityIQ Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager Module of SailPoint IIQ can allow organizations to improve compliance and audit performance with cost-effectiveness.

  • Business-friendly Access Certifications.
  • Automated Policy Management.
  • Audit Reporting and Analytics.

IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager 

The module of SailPoint IIQ can allow organizations to deliver a business-oriented solution to access securely and cost-effectively.

  • Self-Service Access Request.
  • Automated Provisioning.

IdentityIQ Password Manager

The module of SailPoint IIQ can allow organizations to create a simple solution for managing user passwords and reducing operational costs and boosting productivity.

  • Self-Service Password Management.
  • Strong Password Policy Enforcement and Sync.

The IdentityIQ Governance Platform

It creates a foundation for effective risk management by centralizing identity data and providing a single place to model roles, policies, risks, and business processes.

Level of SailPoint IIQ Certification:

  • Level1: IIQ Associate: $300
  • Level2: IIQ Professional: $300
  • Level3: IIQ Engineer: $400
  • Level 4: IIQ Architect: $500

What do we offer in our Sailpoint Training online course?

IdentitySkills has developed this SailPoint training online curriculum that perfectly suits the needs of a beginner who is aiming to become experts in managing privileged accounts through a security solution. Our trainers will start the course with basic security concepts such as authentication, authorization, encryption, etc. It will enable you to easily comprehend the technicalities of SailPoint IdentityIQ Solution.

In this Sailpoint online training from India, Our trainers will help you build your own infrastructure from scratch so you get practical exposure. The ability to handle whatever implementation projects come your way.

We offer Sailpoint training and placements and also provide live projects and use cases experience that makes you ready for a real-time environment. So, be ready for an exceptional learning experience.